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Stack meaning

stack meaning

stack meaning, definition, what is stack: a pile of things arranged one on top of another. Learn more. ‎ Stack up · ‎ “stack” - English Dictionary · ‎ Stack the cards idiom · ‎ Stack system. Define stack: a usually neat pile: a group of things that are put one on top of the other — stack in a sentence. The definition of Stack defined and explained in simple language. Wherever one saw a pile of gravel or a pile of broken stone, it was always heaped as trimly and exactly as a new grave or a stack of cannon-balls; nothing about those stations or along the railroad or the wagon-road was allowed to look shabby or be unornamental. Buy the mug Buy the tshirt. The stack is your best friend. Word of the Day latke. Origin of stack Expand. Find out what it means. Will you stack the dishwasher and switch it on, please? Cooking words August 02, When the potter's donkey slipped in the clay pit, Mowgli hauled it out by the tail, and helped to stack the pots for their journey to the market at Khanhiwara. Well, one night I creeps to de do' pooty late, en de do' warn't quite shet, en I hear old missus tell de widder she gwyne to sell me down to Orleans, but she didn' want to, but she could git eight hund'd dollars for me, en it 'uz sich a big stack o' money she couldn' resis'. Tools A A A A Language: ABBA Aug 04,

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The Uber Urban Presents Gang Signs With Game stack meaning I got a job stacking shelves in a supermarket. Search Cloud Storage Google Cloud Storage Google Cloud Storage is an enterprise public cloud storage platform that can house large unstructured data sets. Card Games stack the cards to prearrange the order of a pack of cards secretly so that the deal will benefit. More from Dictionary, Thesaurus, and Translations. How does bet365 sportwetten movie stack up against the novel? By continuing to use our website, you are agreeing to our use of cookies. Times, Sunday Times Contestants pick ten and hold their nerve while best blackberry money stacks up. To be equal or alike: A RESTful application program interface breaks down a transaction to create a series of small modules, each of which addresses an Objects can be retrieved using a pop operation, which removes an item from the stack. Computer Science View All. Stack up means the same as stack. References in classic literature? A Novel Alex Beam March 13, The stack is the final answer of your every action. Ceph is open source software providing scalable object-, block- and file-based storage under a unified system. Computers A section of memory and its associated registers used for temporary storage of information in which the item most recently stored is the first to be retrieved. Brit a measure of coal or wood equal to cubic feet.

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Building See chimney stack , smokestack. And when Bill Clinton swore on a stack of Bibles that he rose from a town called Hope, few of us rolled our eyes. Brit a measure of coal or wood equal to cubic feet. Idioms and Phrases with stack Expand. The stack doesn't judge you, doesn't harm you and doesn't plot against you.

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